Sydney Paragliding was the First professional school in the Sydney area specialising in paragliding. We are dedicated to the sport of paragliding and to looking after all your paragliding requirements now and into the future. We operate from the famous Bald Hill, Stanwell Park, Australia’s best coastal flying site and just one hour south of Sydney.

Sydney Paragliding - How A Paraglider Works

How A Paraglider Works

Imagine being a modern Daedalus, strapping on your wing, and gliding above the earth – paragliding, in fact, on a wing of nylon!

The basic skills are easy to learn, and flying on the first day is common. The equipment is simple, lightweight and relatively inexpensive compared to other aircraft.

A paraglider is often confused with a parasail, which is towed behind a boat under a vented circular parachute. Paragliding offers much more of the flying experience. Launched by running down a slope into a breeze, the pilot can gently glide down hundreds or sometimes thousands of metres to a landing zone.

Sydney Paragliding - How A Paraglider Works

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