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  • Godfrey, the first Malawian paraglider pilot…

    Godfrey, the first Malawian paraglider pilot (via Matador Network) THE FIRST TIME I introduced Benjamin Jordan to my girlfriend, he gave her a big bear hug that lasted about 10 seconds. I didn’t feel threatened though. The first time I met Benjamin Jordan, he gave …

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  • First solo at Stanwell Park

    I am standing on the edge of a cliff with a semi-circle of around fifteen onlookers curiously watching me sorting green from red lines. My hands are shaking and my back is wet with nerves. Some people squint through camera lenses, most just peer with …

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  • Ben’s first soaring flight

    Hi guys, Ben West here. I have just (almost) completed my restricted license with Mark. I learnt heaps and had a lot of fun doing it! Thought I would share some clips from my first soaring flight here:  

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